• Revolutionary Faecal Test

    - EntericBio ® realtime - Revolutionary Faecal Testing - Provides Same Day Results - Direct From The Stool Sample
  • Results In Three Hours

    - (realtime PCR Assay) - No DNA Extraction - No Manual Pipetting - Results Withn 3 Hours
  • Designed By Scientists

    - Designed by Medical Scientists - Ultra Simplified Test - Error Proofed At Every Stage - Revolutionary Test
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EntericBio ® Product Range

Gastro Panel 1
Shiga Toxin 1 (Stx 1)
Shiga Toxin 2 (Stx 2)

Clostridium Difficile
Clostridium difficile toxin B
Coming Soon

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About Serosep

Serosep Ltd was founded in 1997 in Limerick, Ireland.

About Us

The company had initially begun by distributing a range of laboratory diagnostic products to the clinical and environmental laboratories.

Today Serosep has grown to be an internationally successful company, dedicated to the research and development of unique products for three specific markets as follows:

Clinical Microbiology: EntericBio ® a test that revolutionises the standard test for faecal pathogens

Histology: HistoPot ® and HistoPot mini ® prefilled specimen containers

Environmental: Precision ® Ready to use, water chemistry reagents.

More Information

EntericBio ® News

NHS Northern Ireland

A vote of confidence as EntericBio realtime  has been awarded a National Tender by NHS Northern Ireland for multi site usage over 3 year period