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Serosep Ltd. offer customer support to all customers worldwide. Serosep, understands how important it is to have this support in place and having a highly skilled team allows us to provide this  service. Each member of the Serosep technical support team is  available and trained to answer any questions a customer may have.

Customer Support

Serosep prides itself on its highly qualified and experienced staff. All staff members are trained to a high level and the ethos of the company is to conduct business in a professional manner that is Friendly, Honest, Courteous and Helpful.

Further to this Serosep has adopted a policy of continuous investment in education and training of its staff members ensuring each member is at the cutting edge of technology. Our valued team of Clinical Scientists and support staff are continuously working to improve our products and services.

Application Support

Serosep has a designated team of application specialists that are available to cover all stages of the implementation process. This is inclusive of Installation, Validation, Transition of traditional methods to PCR and training. All application specialists are highly skilled molecular scientists.

Technical Support

A dedicated Technical support team for EntericBio provides 7 days a week support with an emergency number available for out of office hours. All technical support staff are qualified scientists with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

entericbiosupbrea k port@serosep.com | +353 87 3410733
support@sbrea k erosep.co.uk | +44 (0) 129 388 9215

Service Support

Serosep Ltd takes great pride in the service support and assistance we provide to customers. EntericBio has a dedicated technical and engineering support team both in the field and office based, ensuring availability at all times for the customer.

Scheduled maintenance is carried out on all equipment provided by Serosep in each sector of the business with the option of service contracts available to all customers. A prompt response to all breakdown calls, with a dedicated service team available to effectively deal with any issues that may arise.

Download Area

In this section all Material Satefy Data Sheets (MSDS), product information, product data, pack inserts and clinical data is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do samples have to be run in batches?

  • No they do not, however a positive and negative control must be used with each run.

What is the minimum and maximum throughput per run?

  • Minimum number of samples is 1 and maximum number is 46.

What controls are processed with each assay run on the system?

  • A positive and negative control is to be used with each run. An internal amplification control is included with each test.

How long does the process take?

  • Results are available within 3hrs on a full run of 46 samples.

Do we require a separate extraction system?

  • No.

Can the same processed sample tube be used with all of the Entericbio assays?

  • Yes.

What specimen types can be processed?

  • Faecal/Stool samples may be processed.

What storage conditions are required for the kit?

  • 2˚c – 8˚c.

Can I run other non- Entericbio assays on the system?

  • The cycler is an open system and can be set up for use with other systems.

Does the system require specialised molecular laboratory facilities?

  • No, however we do recommend separation of the pre and post PCR testing areas and adherence to good laboratory practice for performing molecular assays.

Can the system be interfaced to the Laboratory IT system (LIMS)?

  • Yes, Serosep Ltd will provide full support.

Are qualified molecular scientists required to operate the system?

  • No, full training is provided.

What target panels are available on the system?